Østermarksgård –​ ca. 1927



Immanuel, Margrethe, Johannes, Ingeborg og Emil.
Hans, Ejner, Elisabeth og Else.

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ØstermarksgårdOn these pages you will find genealogical information about the ancestors and descendants of my Danish grandparents, Hans Tolstrup Christensen, who was born February 26, 1880, in Nørre Snede – in central Jutland, and Elisabeth Jensen, who was born June 13, 1879, in Dronninglund – in northern Jutland. The couple spent their adult lives in Kirke Skensved – in eastern Zealand.

There is also information about eight of Hans Tolstrup’s siblings who emigrated. His eldest brother Mads Sørensen Christensen (b. 1867) emigrated to Argentina; and the following emigrated to Omaha, Nebraska in the United States:

Among the materials also posted on the website are: a memoir by Hans Tolstrup describing his rise from a farm hand to a prosperous landowner on Zealand; and a history written by my American cousin, Harlan Rosacker, about those who emigrated to the United States.

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Søren Tolstrup Christensen

Hans Tolstrup's memoirs

Hans Tolstrup's memoirs can be found here:

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Harlan Rosacker's history