Marie KristensenAge: 56 years18871943

Marie Kristensen
birth name
Given names
Also known as
Marie Christensen
Birth January 8, 1887 31 34
Address: Sofiesminde Eng
Birth of a sisterAnna Kristensen
January 18, 1889 (Age 2 years)
Address: Sofiesminde Eng
Birth of a brotherElias Christensen
March 14, 1891 (Age 4 years)
Birth of a brotherZacharias Christensen
March 13, 1893 (Age 6 years)
Birth of a son
Morris Frederick Christensen
March 31, 1922 (Age 35 years)
Birth of a daughter
Harriet Christensen
March 13, 1925 (Age 38 years)
Death of a daughterHarriet Christensen
May 1927 (Age 40 years)
Baptism of a brotherElias Christensen
December 23, 1928 (Age 41 years)
Death of a motherFrederikke Caroline Sørensen
May 23, 1929 (Age 42 years)
Census April 1, 1930 Age: 43 years
Death of a fatherHans Christian Christensen
after November 5, 1930 (Age 43 years)

Death September 1943 (Age 56 years)
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by: Søren Tolstrup Christensen

Maries forældre er muligvis Hans Christian Christensen (f. 4/1 1855 i Hornstrup) og Frederikke Caroline (f. 15/7 1854 i Engum). Hans Christian Christensen var iflg. skattemandtalslisterne formand på Hess' fabrikker.


Based on Hans Tolstrup's memory in the 1950s and Marinus's son Harry's memory in 2014, Marie (Maria) grew up in Vejle; and she attended the same Baptist Sunday School that Marinus and his siblings (incl. Deborah) attended. When Marie first emigrated to the US (1912 according to 1930 census), she traveled with an uncle and female cousins to Salt Lake City, Utah. There were two uncles in Utah, both Mormons, and one of them had two wives. Hans Tolstrup connects the marriage with Marinus's visit to Vejle in 1919. Perhaps Marie was there, too. Some suggest that Deborah, sister of Marinus, had a match-making role -- they were very close for the rest of Marie's life. In any case, Marinus returned from Denmark late in 1919, and he and Marie were married in August 1920.

Marie was described by several relatives as very sociable, while Marinus was very quiet. Son Harry recalls that his mother would love to have traveled, for instance, but that Marinus was more of a homebody and wanted to ensure that the cows were milked.